We are proud of our achievements here at Golf World Stansted and this is reflected in the number of satisfied, and more importantly improved golfers who we help to improve along the way.


Whatever level you're at or wish to achieve, our on-site golf Pro Paul will develop a learning program to suit your goals, pace and ability. Using the latest technology to assess your game you'll be joining our list of success stories in no time! You can read about some of our success stories below.

"The level of improvement we see in the people we teach here at Elsenham makes us proud nearly as much as the people we teach!"


Paul Ring, Club Head Professional

Paul Ring Golf Academy: 

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In just 3 months I went from scoring 59 for 9 holes to 51 consistently!


Two years ago, with more leisure time, I started to play regularly without much success. Lessons had a small effect but I was always scoring in the upper 50’s for the 9 holes.

On Paul’s arrival I invested in the Start Smart Program. Paul changed almost everything –including my grip, stance, back and forward swing.

Paul is highly committed, patient and has a real interest in my golf!


My score is now in the low 50’s and I feel confident that with more coaching I can look forward to breaking the 50 barrier. Paul is highly committed, patient and has a real interest in my golf! He understands every part of what a golfer should do and explains it well.

I now, not only look forward to my round of golf, but also to my lessons with Paul.


Keith Murdoch, 10th June 2014

I had no reservations about joining your program...


Thank you for the lessons and the very relaxed (and patient) way you had of passing on your vast knowledge of golfing to a novice like myself. I had no reservations about joining your program as the "free day" we had on the Sunday previously was all I needed to appreciate your skills, knowledge and allow me to appreciate that I would be able to work with you on a one to one basis, as golf lessons are very personal.

Since starting your Start Smart program, my golf has gone from sporadic shots at best to more controlled and consistent nearly every time.

I now feel confident...


My aim was when playing with friends and colleagues, I would often feel I spoiled their game by being so unreliable in my consistency and so wanted to improve and so my aim was to tidy up my swing and become a more consistent golfer. My golf has improved to such an extent I feel I can "have a round" with anyone and not feel uncomfortable on the course or in front of other golfers. I now feel confident I am at the stage of honing these new found skills (thanks to you Paul) over the next few months and I believe I will probably need some more "fine tuning" in the future but for the moment, I am happy with the new found leisure activity I have found in golf.


I will be continuing with my new found love of golf and hopefully finding the time to play every week.


Kerim Hudson, 6th June 2014

I went from shooting 61 to 50 for 9 holes in just 2 months!!

I went to one of the FREE Workshops and saw the simple and easy to learn methods to improve my golf! After the day, I joined one of the Academy’s programs as I was determined to improve my game.

Paul was very supportive and knowledgeable and gave me the confidence to make some important changes.

It was a great experience and inside just 2 months, I improved my drives, iron shots and short game. I went from shooting 61 to shooting 50 for 9 holes!

Brian Gannon, 1st July 2014

My game has improved significantly and the slice has gone!


I was regularly slicing the ball and this, in turn, reduced confidence in my playing ability.  This, in turn, made me nervous about participating in matches and playing against lower handicap players for fear of embarrassing myself and frustrating them with possible slow play as I was often looking for a sliced ball!

In fact, I had no fears in starting a coaching program as I was aware that in any sport, coaching and then practising what has been taught, are essential ingredients for improving sporting ability, whatever the discipline.  Additionally, I was aware of your own golfing achievements, coaching qualifications and reputation for dedication to helping golfers improve their game.  I, therefore, knew I was in safe hands.


My game has improved significantly and the slice has gone.  This, in turn, has given me greater confidence in my game and has clearly demonstrated the importance of the need for coaching and significant practice (on and off the course) to advance playing ability.  My handicap has improved from a category 4 to a category 3 player as a result.


 I now look forward to every game and know that with progressive coaching and practice, my handicap will continue to reduce thanks to an improving playing ability.  I also feel a great deal more confident playing matches and I now regularly play in inter-club and internal club matches which are a great way of playing with people at different levels of the game and also add a great element of sociability.


Trevor W. 3rd March 2014

I feel so much better and loose...


Thanks Paul and well done to your coaching, since our lesson I feel so much better and loose and now am more confident about playing better golf! And the swing is much better, I look forward to our next lesson.


Barney G. 3rd March 2014

Luke’s handicap has gone from 28 to 20 in just 6 months!!

Initially we found it very difficult to find a local golf course that had a strong and well organised junior section that would enable Luke to start building on his golf skills by playing with other boys in a group and of a similar age, but also build on the skills he already had. But then after contacting and visiting quite a few local clubs with Luke and after speaking to other parents and club members, you were recommended.

As a parent I felt it was very important for Luke to enjoy playing a sport.  Luke in the end has tried every sport - football, basketball, rugby, tennis and more but just didn't enjoy any of them. My fears were only that I did not really know much about the sport to be able to assist Luke, but help was at hand in the most unlikely places.  For example, I would caddy for Luke on the golf courses and other players would watch Luke and then come over and speak to him giving encouragement and through conversation, clubs and indeed yourself was recommended.

After much research into clubs, Luke joined the academy where you were the head coach.  Luke then thrived, going from strength to strength winning the leader board challenge 2 years in a row.  He enjoyed the social aspect of playing in a team and also visited Wentworth on an organised trip where he met Luke Donald, one of his idols!  Last year he was selected as part of the U12 Essex County Coaching team. 

I am glad Luke has chosen golf as I feel there are a number of 'life skills' he has developed as part of the game.  Over the years, he as learned the etiquette and rules of golf, working as part of a team, communication, exercise, stamina, and coping with disappointment when a game just does not go right.  I'm sure this is only the start but as long as Luke keeps enjoying the game and looks forward to spending all weekend on a golf course in the fresh air I'm happy. Thank you.

Penny, Luke’s Mum, 26th March 2014


Riccardo has the ability to teach without making it complicated...

"Riccardo has the ability to teach without making it complicated. I have had lessons in the past with the main aim being to improve consistency, in a very short time Riccardo has given me a great understanding of what I need to do. My iron play has improved dramatically and I have a greater awareness of what I need to do to improve my game."

Terry Barry, January 2020



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