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Firstly welcome and well done for signing up to Golf Word Stansted’s lessons program, we are here to help you have fun, feel good and improve your golf and confidence. Here are some definitions of terms for this agreement: ‘You’ – You as the personal customer participating in a personalised programme or group session ‘We’ – Golf World Stansted Ltd ‘Services’ – Personal Coaching in Golf ‘Session’ - Your personal appointment or scheduled class time ‘Package’ – The specific programme agreed between you and Golf World Stansted ‘Lesson’ – The delivery of the lesson ‘Coach’ – The Coach that is assigned to deliver your lessons for Golf World Stansted.

COMMITMENT We have total belief in the effectiveness of our services, however, a team effort is needed to get results. Success requires personal commitment from you as well as Golf World Stansted. So that our working relationship is as successful as possible, you can expect a high standard of service from us. We promise to offer the following throughout your time with us:

  • The recommendations that we make will always be in your best interest. Based on our professional expertise and experience we will only recommend services that are necessary for getting you a successful result

  • If we are unable to attend your session/class, we will look to find an alternative time to make up the session for you

  • We may make recommendations that challenge you, encourage you to step outside your comfort zone in order for you to get the best possible results, so please be open-minded and willing to give yourself a chance

  • You can expect the highest quality of service from Golf World Stansted, knowing that we genuinely care and want to help you be the best that you can be

  • If your Coach leaves Golf World Stansted, your lessons will be transferred to another Coach

In return for the above commitment from us, we expect a level of commitment from you:

  • All sessions and packages must be booked and paid for in advance or by the agreed instalment plan - lessons, vouchers and packages are non-refundable and have a 12-month expiry from date of the 1st lesson. You are obliged to pay the whole programme fee regardless of, if for any reason you wish to stop halfway or part way through.

  • Payment details must be given prior to the first session.

  • Please be on time for your sessions. Consistency and session attendance are vital for you to achieve your results

  • 121 Clients Only - Should you wish to cancel your session please take note of the below:

  • 24 hour single session cancellation policy – we ask that you give at least 24 hours notice for any changes to session times or session cancellations otherwise the session will be forfeited. 

  • In the unlikely event that a Coach is unable to complete the package, your outstanding lessons will be transferred to another Golf World Stansted Coach.

To ensure you maximise the most from the purchased program. Your Programme of lessons will expire 12 months after date of purchase and there will be no refund.

Junior Lessons

Payment is by direct debit monthly using GOCARDLESS or for an entire year upfront. We reserve the right to suspend your membership and to exclude your child from the Academy if payment is not made. Yearly upfront payments are non-refundable. Yearly upfront payments are for a calendar year from date of payment if a child wishes to suspend lessons due to serious illness or injury the above points apply. Payment upfront is non-transferable between juniors.


Direct Debits by GOCARDLESS (or bank transfer where available) are taken every month to cover 30 sessions a year. The payment is the same amount each month. The 30 yearly sessions may be moved.


If your child’s place is cancelled by you giving notice, Golf World Stansted will invoice you for any lessons taken or available and not paid for. This invoice will be due within 7 days of sending.


This agreement may be terminated if either party is in serious breach of its obligations to the other.


Photography consent forms are mandatory for all Juniors. Photographs of children other than your own are discouraged.


Bullying, harassment, abuse, or other inappropriate behaviour by you or your child or guests is strictly forbidden and will result in expulsion and such other legal remedies as may be available.


You and your child must treat all Golf World Stansted customers, children, staff, and coaches with respect and consideration. Golf World Stansted do not tolerate rude, offensive, or aggressive remarks in any way. You must make yourself and your child aware of all the safety rules and regulations at Golf World Stansted and comply with these regulations always.


If you have a complaint or concern which cannot be resolved by your child’s coach, please do contact Golf World Stansted privately and we will do our best to resolve the matter.


We reserve the right to make changes to these rules and will communicate any changes to you at the address or email specified. Proof of sending such notice shall be sufficient evidence of receipt. Please ensure we are kept up to date of any email address changes in order to continue the correspondence.


A 1 month notice period is required for termination of Junior Academy membership and non-renewal. It can only be given in writing to Golf World Stansted:


Disclaimer agreement – by purchasing this programme, you are agreeing to the statement below

I understand that elements of Golf World Stansted packages/classes can be physically demanding, as a condition of my enrolment, I accept full and complete responsibility for my own goals that I have established. This means that I acknowledge the recommendations made by Golf World Stansted and that I will advise Golf World Stansted of any illnesses which may hinder me playing golf. I agree to hold Golf World Stansted free and harmless of any and all liability for any subsequent injury or health complication that though unlikely, may result from or be aggravated by my participation in the packages/classes. I understand that I must notify Golf World Stansted no less than 24 hours of any changes or cancellations to my session timetable. I will also take it upon myself to inform Golf World Stansted of any changes to my medical history or current state of health.

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